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Develop and maintain a premier northern botanical garden.


The mission of the David Douglas Botanical Garden Society is to: establish and maintain an aesthetically pleasing botanical garden in partnership with the University of Northern British Columbia; provide horticultural and arboricultural education for the public; advance horticultural and arboricultural knowledge; and, promote the use of plant material that is viable in northern British Columbia.


The purposes of the society are to:

  1. establish and operate a botanical garden.
  2. promote public interest in horticulture and arboriculture in northern British Columbia.
  3. provide educational opportunities addressing horticultural and arboriculture issues in northern British Columbia.
  4. encourage, promote and carry out research on horticultural and arboriculture issues of northern British Columbia.
  5. collaborate with other educational institutions, organizations and government bodies conducting research in the field of horticulture and arboriculture.


The David Douglas Botanical Garden Society values:

  1. the accomplishments and contributions of dedicated members and volunteers who pursue the Society’s goals in a spirit of mutual respect;
  2. responsible, evidence-based, horticultural practices using indigenous and endemic plants and preserving endangered species within Northern British Columbia;
  3. sharing horticultural knowledge among our members, as well as, actively educating the public;
  4. advocating and promoting:
    1. the creation of a regional botanical garden, and

    2. the continued use of aesthetically pleasing and appropriate horticultural practices by the City of Prince George and the Regional District of Fraser Fort George.

Certificate of Incorporation.

Constitution April 2 2017.

Bylaws April 2 2017.

Proposed Constitution Amendment for 2018.

Proposed Bylaw Changes for 2019.

2019 Business License


Featured Plant

The Campanulas, more familiarly known as bluebells or bellflowers.

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