Request For Submission

Deadline for Submissions: December 31, 2020

The Educational Display Garden for The David Douglas Botanical Garden Society is located at the University of Northern BC. An arch situated across from the university entrances frames a plinth.
The plinth will eventually hold 2 plaques:
Front: Welcome to the gardens
Back: A history of its namesake, the Botanist David Douglas.
David Douglas (June 25, 1799 – July 12, 1834) was a Scottish botanist, explorer. He collected species and seeds such as the Douglas Fir. In 1734, on his way back to Fort Vancouver, Douglas’ canoe overturned in the Fraser River rapids just south of Fort George (Prince George). He was able to save instruments and observation notes but lost his botanical notes and his entire collection of 400 species. He died tragically 7 months later at age 35

We require a metal sculpture to be placed on top of the plinth. This work is to reflect the gardens and their namesake, the botanist David Douglas. It should also be in scale with the base (plinth) and have impact from the approaching path.

Potential starting point: Douglas Fir Cone?

Submission Guidelines: Artists can submit up to 5 sketch designs for consideration and artwork on this theme can be submitted in any medium.

Budget: $7500.00

How to Submit Entries: Submit digital images in low resolution (JPEG / 72dpi) to this address: Should a piece be chosen, we will contact the artist and request a high resolution version of the image (min 400 dpi).

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