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I am building some large plater boxes. I purchased some pressure treated 2x10x 12's for some of the boxes. Should i line the sides of the planter boxes to prevent the biocides & cooper from contaminating the soil and maybe contaminating the eventual vegetables, and herbs we will grow in the planter boxes. Yes we do intend to grow tomatoes, among other veggies. If i should line the sides what should i use? Or should i return the pressure treated 2x12's and try find another type of wood, perhaps cedar or redwood, if it's available in Prince George in various sizes? Section #1 below is the description of the wood preservative in the wood i purchased that it includes cooper. 1) TANALITH pressure treated timber is timber which has been impregnated with TANALITH wood preservative under controlled conditions in a vacuum pressure timber impregnation plant. TANALITH is a water based wood preservative that contains copper and proven organic biocides. When impregnated into the timber the preservative components bond with the wood structure and cannot easily be removed. #2 below is where they say on the manufactures website that their pressure treated lumber is safe with agricultural products. #2 Garden & Landscaping Decking systems, pergolas, gazebos, bridges†, summer houses, soil retaining walls, timbers around fish ponds (but not in direct contact with the water†), playground equipment, lawn edging, fencing, picnic benches and tables, way signs and litter bins. For certain applications, particularly with thin cladding type timbers, it may be appropriate to use a brush-on water repellent. Agricultural & Horticultural Earth retaining vegetable beds (use of pressure treated timber does not affect organic status), fruit tree stakes, hop poles, vine stakes. Section #3 is a cut and paste of the actual company website, in case that helps. #3 Thank You for your advice Doug

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I have just recently moved from the Vancouver area to Prince George. I brought about 6 outdoor potted strawberry plants, and I want to ensure that they overwinter without damage. I am thinking of experimenting with different methods, by putting two in my outdoor unheated shed, and two into the cold room in my basement, and leaving two outside in a sheltered area right next to the house wall. I plan to put these 2 into larger plastic bins with leaves and insulation between the pot and bin and mulch the tops after we get our first light freeze. Does this sound like a good plan? Can you offer any tips or suggestions for overwintering strawberries in pots? Also should I wait to move the plants until after the foliage has died back to the crown and is removed? Many thanks for your advice and suggestions. I just sent in an application to join your garden society and i am looking forward to many happy gardening years ahead! (-: Tatym

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Where are the garden tours that are held Tuesday evenings? Do you need to be a member? Thank You

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I have a number of trees we call may trees here in Mackenzie, I was wondering what type of tree they are, smooth small black berries, alternate leaves and white flowers in the spring. I have seen them in Prince George as well.

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I have two Rhododendron plants that are too close to a Ray Flower I planted (I had no idea that the Ray Flower would get that large!). I have 2 questions: 1) is it best to move Rhododendrons in the spring or fall? 2) I lost many plants during the winter of 2016-2017. Although really stressed, the rhododendrons fortunately survived but did not bloom this year. Many of their leaves are discolored red (instead of the usual green) and they did not bloom this summer. Both rhodos grew new foliage for next year's blooms. Am I further stressing them too much by replanting them? Or can I move them further away from the Ray Flower? thanks! Anne

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I live in Fort St James and have a greenhouse. I have been venting the greenhouse recently, leaving the doors open 24 hours a day to try to keep it cool. I have MANY varieties of tomatoes in the greenhouse - all of these seedlings obtained from the UNBC Horticultural society. These plants are producing tomatoes. However, here's my problem - The top leaves on the plants are starting to curl and shrivel. I have been watering the plants every day and trying my best to keep it cool. What do you think is causing the leaves to curl and what can I do to fix it? Thanks!

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Where can I find wild lettuce in the Prince George area and do you sell these plants?

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My dwarf Korean goatsbeard survived the winter. But after it came up it stopped growing. Up about 1/4 inch and now it in the month of June and still nothing.

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Hi There, I live in BC's Okanagan Valley and I would like to know if I can plant Azaleas in full shade with bright light and will they bloom well. The weather here in the summer is extremely hot (desert conditions) the zone here is 5b Thank-you Gayle

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I bought a Gooseneck loosestrife (Lisimichia ciethroides) at your plant sale this past weekend (along with some lovely barbless raspberry plants). After doing a bit of internet research on this plant it appears that this plant is quite invasive in the garden (no I am not confusing it with purple loosestrife which truly is invasive). I was wondering if you could either confirm info on this plant and hopefully prove me wrong, otherwise keep plants like this out of your sale. Not sure I even want to risk putting this in the compost. Otherwise, loved your sale.

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Hi, I am hoping that you can help me. My house has a large flower bed in the front and I don't have the time anymore to do all the upkeep. I would like to create a rock garden, with rock and some green leafy plants and perennials. I am wondering what green leafy plants and perennials are low maintenance? I am wondering about hostas? I would also like to have some flowers for colour, but I have no idea what kind. Something that spreads and would cover the rocks a bit would be nice. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I live in Prince George, Beaverly area.

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Hi! We are trying to grow tulips and are wondering if you would suggest leaving them to overwinter in the ground here or taking them up overwinter as you would dahlias. We were given a whole bunch that have already started so are going to do some experimenting but want to know if you have any tips for up here!! Thanks!! Sheri

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I have raised garden beds that I planted a winter crop in last fall. I'm wondering if I should till it under and if I should add compost as well? Is there anything else I should be adding. I haven't tested my soil yet as I'm in the Hart and its been frozen.

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Hello! I'm a gardener newbie and we landscaped our front yard in spring/summer of 2016. I am wondering if it's too early to start late winter pruning/shaping/thining now? I live in College Heights area. many thanks for your assistance. Sharon.

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Hey, I am currently working in a rural first nations community and their is interest here in starting a community garden. I was wondering if you knew of anyone I could contact for additional information and support in planning this type of thing. I am full of enthusiasm, but not so much the know-how. Thanks in advance, any information you can provide is greatly appreciated, Angela

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I know I should have pruned my raspberries in the fall due to illness I was unable, is it alright to prune them now, and how do I do this?

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My daughter has graduated from high school (with honours) and is very interested in studying horticulture. What are the best recognized schools of horticulture in BC (or Alberta)? Thank you!

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I missed the Society's fund raiser plant sale. Is it possible to still purchase some of the tomato plants the sale usually features?

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I live in the bowl near Duchess Park. I'd love to plant a wisteria and train it to cover the shed. Where can I get the plant here in PG - if indeed it can be planted and grown successfully here?

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With the way our climate is changing, do you think it would be possible to keep a Wistera alive here in PG? I fell in love with them when I lived in the UK and I'd like to try and grow one here. If we did try it, what sorts of measures would we need to take in winter to keep it alive?

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I own water frontage property in village of McBride. Is it suitable for growing hops? Zone?

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We live in the Burns Lake area and have some 2-3 ft tall spruce trees that we would like to transplant to another area of our yard. Could you tell me the best time to do this and what I need to watch for? Thank you.

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What is the 2016 date for Seedy Saturday at Exploration Place? Thanks! Owen Brown

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Will ants kill weaping cherry trees?

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I am looking for information about native species in the Vanderhoof/Fort st James area. Are there any books and or websites that I can get. Are there any people around who are trying to propagate local flora? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kyla

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Hello, I am researching growing hops at the craft beer level. My research says that hops do best between 35 and 55 latitude and require 120 frost free days. PG seems to barely make the 120 frost free days and is considered Zone 3. This data seems to be approx. 10 years old. I am in Miworth, so we do tend to be a bit colder than the bowl. I am wondering if the DDBGS has observed a change in these figures, i.e. longer than 120 frost free days and higher than a zone 3? Is there anyone successfully growing hops in PG? Is it a quality hop? Thank you! Angela LeFebvre

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I was wondering about the soil that I bought at the plant sale at the university and it was also available at the garden sale at REAPS. It is black and full of sticks. I was told that it was from the city landful. Is it good soil? Does it have chemicals in it or other substances which are not organic and good for the garden? I am a little paranoid about using it in my organic precious garden.

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I have planted some snall decorative trees and a lilac bush in front of my trailer. My problem is that the soil was no hard and rocky during digging I am now worried they wont grow there very you have any advise...I did fertilize well.

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I was wondering what zone classification for planting ornamental trees and perennials in Prince George BC?

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When I visited Devonian Gardens in Alberta last year I observed a tall seabuckthorn shrub loaded with berries. I'd like to get a specimen for our garden as the berries are nutritious and no doubt attract birds and other wildlife. Does anyone have any local experience with seabuckthorn? Thanks! Anne

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Hi there, my significant other and I are in the midst of building a garden for this first time and I was wondering what kind of vegetables do the best in the Prince George climate. Thanks in advance, Willow.

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We have a very long ditch along the front of our property on the Hart Highway. It is hard to mow. We also have a lot of trees in vacant lot beside that drops a lot of leaves in the fall. The ditch never has standing water in it and is in full Sun. What could we plant as ground cover that would be inexpensive. Would we have to remove the grass and weeds first? Thank you.

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We live on Murice Drive in University Heights off Tyner. We are putting a greenhouse in our backyard this year and would love some ideas on what seeds for both flowers and vegetables would grow this year. Also some advice on good plants for both Flores and vegetables to start with. We are fairly new to Prince George and it's growing season and what works here and what not to bother trying. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you Linda

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I would like to plant raspberries and fruit trees. I live south of Quesnel on West Fraser Road, a "Pineapple Belt". Would anyone have a source for fruit saplings and raspberries? Thanks!

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I am new to the garden society site. I am interested in learning about horticulture and wondering if there is a book I can start reading to begin with. I am excited to become a member of the society and am hoping to find someone to teach me. In the near future I would like to take the master gardener program at UNBC, but in the mean time I am starting here. Which, seems to be the best place to start. Thanks for any information~Cheryl

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How late into fall can you plant roses in Prince George, B.C.?

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Hello, I would like to learn more about landscape design for northern BC. Is the MG program the main avenue or are there other options here? Thank you, Elaine

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My fruit trees need trimming. From what I have read if I try to do this now I will not get much growth. Is that correct? I believe early spring before leaf out but after risk of frost is best or am I off base? As well I know I need to trim all vertically growing branches but in truth most of them do seem to have some vertical growth so I fear slaughtering Does the society give lessons on tree trimming? Thank you Brenda McDougall

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Hello, I am involved in the design of a new cemetery in the McLeod Lake area and I am writing to ask for local advice regarding a ground cover alternative to sod. Ideally the active burial will be maintained (mowed) grass and the future burial area will be a less maintained wildflower mix The site is a sunny acre an half with spruce/fir forest of moderate density along the east and west perimeter. The site was cleared of beetle kill a number of years ago and some aspen is now re-populating. The soils are mixed, clay in some areas and high gravel content in others. I am interested in using natives species or non invasive species that thrive in the area with minimal maintenance and amending of soil. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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Where would I find some Pussy willows in Prince George? I was told there were lots on River road, by the train bridge over the Fraser, but I have gone there several times in April and don't ever see any. I just want a few for my flower arrangements. Thanks for any help you can be! Liz

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I built a new home in University Heights on Maurice Drive, about half way to UNBC on Tyner Road. The Sub division is on the right hand side of Tyner. As I develop my landscaping and gardens and trees, I want to plant trees that have significant meaning for me, as well as trees that are indidgenous to the region. I would like to plant a sugar maple and an Oak tree. I have the room on my lot. Ideally I would like to plant a white oak but I do not think it would survive in this zone! A red oak would be my next choice however I get mixed reaction to this from many of the nurseries. Can you help me with this please I need to pick a variety that will sustain the test of time (burr, pin)? Like wise for my sugar maple. Thank you for your help! Sincerely; Philip

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Good day, I have a row of lilacs that were here when we moved in and have not really touched them. I raked some of the grass away from their trunks and plan to prune them when they are done bluming but was wondering if a layer of mulch and some fertilizer may help keep the weeds down and help them bloom for now? I live near Tabor Lake, east of Prince George, British Columbia. Any feedback you could give me would be greatly appreciated as I am a beginer gardener and don't know much :) Also, what kind of mulch, would straw be ok?

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What long blooming flowering shrubs, can you recommend for the Mackenzie area--I want some-thing that won’t grow more than about ten feet tall .full grown. and something flowering spring through fall? Muriel

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We have alot of moss in the grass in the backyard. What is a good organic product to use on it?? Can you put too much peat moss on your garden and lawn? What is a good ratio????

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Hi. I was wondering if crocosmia 'Lucifer' is winter-hardy in Prince George. Can it be left in the ground or does it need to be brought in over winter. Thanks.

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How to prune trees.

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Do you think the common hellebores would survive in the Lakewood area in PG?

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I live beside Lakewood Funeral parlor....Do you think a tree peony would survive in this area? If I prepped it for the cold weather. I'm moving from Burnaby and don't want to leave my 2 yr. old tree peonies? Thank you for your advise.

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I live in Vanderhoof and have a "purple pavement" rose that I need to move. It is tall and healthy with lots of beautiful hips. Can I move it now or wait until early spring? We put in a sidewalk after the plant was started and it has out grown its spot. Any tips for digging it out of a confined area without damaging the root? Thanks for your help. Jennifer

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Potentilla (yellow and white flowers) - I have a few of these shrubs on my property which I do not find terribly interesting. Would/could the Botanical Society find a use for them in the garden?

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I was told that the japanese maple that is in the UNBC display garden came from the garden of Anne Martin - do you know what variety it is?

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We have black "spots", looks like dirt but stuck on all the leaves are on our Petunias. The spots do not appear to be moving.

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Less of a gardening question and more of a clever gardener request. I am interested in having someone prepare a unique, beautiful arrangement using succulents and whatever else is suitable from their garden for a long-lasting arrangement (nice variety of greens and textures, planted in soil - not too big as it is for a hospital room). I would do it myself but I don't live in PG. I am happy to either pay this person or make a donation to your society. I can arrange to have someone pick it up to take to the hospital. Hope this isn't too weird - just prefer to do this than go through a florist.

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I'm looking for a professional gardner for my mother. She is wanting to hire someone to do her gardening for her. Do you know of someone or a company?

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Need a good gardener to do weeding and clean up my flowerbeds.

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I have e-mailed you about a week ago. My husband put round up )from Art Knapps on a large patch of land beside the vegetable garden. Can I plant vegetables in it?? Will the poison seep into the soil?? Penny

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In my garden, I had a whole row of weeds. My husband sprayed round up (from Art Knapps) to get rid of the weeds. The experts at Art Knaps said that the poisons would not seep into the soil and that it would be ok to plant over the area once I have taken the dead weeds out. What do you think? He sprayed very close to some of my vegetables and some have died eg onions and swiss chard. I have been reading alot about Monsanto's round up and the damage that it doing to the soil. They say that it changes soil ecology making plants susceptible to disease that could eventually cause diseases in humans. Am I being too paranoid about the possable negative effects this soil might have. Please advise!!

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If I prune my overgrown lilacs will they come back bushier next year?  Thank you

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Can you eat any tomatos id they have come in contact with run off from cement.

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I don't have a zone 3 garden, ours is 7 or 7 1/2. Today we had a wonderful walk round the David Douglas Botanical garden at UNBC and loved what you are doing. The lilacs are gorgeous and ours on the coast never look or smell as beautiful. Now my question - in the same area as the lilacs, you have planted shrubs that I couldn't identify, most not quite in bloom, with fairly long nobbly bud and flower stalks, pink and maybe some are darker. I couldn't find a plant tag and would really like to know the identity of this shrub. f you can help, I would really appreciate it. We live on Salt Spring Island, much more temperate than PG but northern gardeners really know how to grow beautiful gardens. our daughter lives in Beaverly and hers is gorgeous.

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Can you plant a potted Bald Cypress directly into water?

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I bought a weaping willow three years ago. First year it grew to about 6 to 7 feet and was beautiful. A year ago last spring, the tree started to come back with small leaves then stopped. Soon the leave disappeared and looked dead. The main stump was green however branches were brown and brittle. It soon started to come from the root. By late July two nice shoots came from the root and the main tree was doing nothing so I cut out the main part. The two stumps grew to 8 feet tall and the tree was beautiful last Fall. This spring the two stumps that grew last year are very green, branches are green; however, no leaves. It is in full sun, I have a circle about 6 feet in diameter filled with cedar much about 4 to 5 inches deep. I fertilize it with a miracle grow solution. The tree is in South Dakota. Can you tell me why each spring no leaves come? Any suggestions on care. It is a beautiful tree when it gets going.

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Hi there, I was wondering if you will be selling cone flowers at your sale on May 19th? Many Thanks, Elaine

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We live outside the city limits in a neghborhood. When we bought our place there was a vacant piece of property next to us. Since then, someone has bought and built a home there. They have dogs that run all over our property. They can look down on to our home when they are on their front porch as they are up the hill form us. There is no fence. I was wondering if you could suggest some plants or trees that are preferably fast growing that would work as a "living fence". I planted some red tip two years ago, but it seems slow growing. The soil is rocky and the land scape is steep in some places. Thank you.

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Good afternoon. I ordered 4 Dutchman Pipe Vines from a nursery during the Winter...and then received them in mid March while there was still snow out and cold nights. The vines were only about 3 inches long, had green foliage, strong root systems and I planted them under the Pergola in well prepared compost soil. Of course after the first hard frost they browned up and shrivelled away. My question is, will the root system regenerate new growth or are they most likely completely dead? Not sure why the nursery sent them to me so early in the season. I look forward to your feedback - Greg Kubala

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Hi, I'm redoing the planting beds around my house in Florida and I'd like to plant a palm tree that looks like the ones in DR Seuss books. Its tall and narrow with a pom pom at the top. Do you know what the name of those palms are?

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Is it possible to grow dahlias in Prince George? Anything I should know as I am from the coast.

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Any tips for landscaping a corner lot for privacy on a busy street? Thanks

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My daughter is having a Lorax themed birthday party and we want to give out flower seeds the girls can plant in indoor pots. It would be great if they looked like pom-poms (truffula trees). What easy-to-grow seeds can we use?

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How long will it take a lantana cutting, dipped into a rooting powder, to form roots in a growing medium? Is there a growing medium that you'd recommend as faster than others?

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My soil is wet and I seem to be losing some of my alpine plants. When I've dug them up the roots are wet although not watered a lot in winter

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I am trying to identify a shrub with horizontal branches, small green leaves growing in pairs. The branches grow in tiers in 360 degree fans. I have photos that would make identifiecation easier. The shriub is growing in a garden in South East Asia but may not be from there. Thanks for any help.

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Hello I live in Victoria, B.C. I have a small garden that is edged with 5 feet rhododendrons. I need to find another shrub that will grow 5 feet high to complete the privacy that the rhododendrons provide. It will be in sunlight and will have plenty of water. Privacy is my main concern and so the shrub must be an evergreen but I do not want a tree of any kind. Any ideas? Thank you Sharon Savage

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If I provide you a picture of a plant that is growing outside can you tell me what it is?

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Hello, I ordered 4 hardy hibiscus via mail order in October (fall was the only time they delivered) I was unable to immediately plant them so I have been taking care of them indoors but now I am afraid it is too late to plant them outdoors. They are each about 8 inches tall, they are in quart containers, and they are beginning to not look too happy. I live in zone 4, it has been getting down to the low 30s at night. Do I commit to caring for them inside or plant them? Or is there a way to keep them dormant indoors? Really don't want to kill them. Thank you!

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Thank you for the opportunity to ask an expert about my gardening problem. We recently remodled our yard and added a raised bed along the fence. We made the bed too wide from front to back, and we cannot reach the area near the fence. The fence is about 2 arm lengths away. Needless to say I cannot reach to back there to care for any plants or weed the area next to the fence. The whole garden bed is about 100 feet long so it is quite a lot of space. My question is: What can I plant next to the fence that is low maintenance. Something that is at least 3 feet high and will cover the ground area in the rear of the garden bed. Something that will last and not have to be replaced or pruned much. The front part, where we can reach can be planted with flowers, plants, etc. of our choosing but we need something to fill the area by the fence that we cannot reach. We could climb up on the garden bed but being older it is not something we want to do. We live in Riverside County CA. Again thank you so much, your advice will be appreciated more than you know. Pat

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I've planted some spring bulbs that have instructions to plant 1", 2", 3" or 4". I have never planted bulbs before and don't know how they will hold up during the winter when the ground freezes. Some of them were planted in damp dirt from Art Knapps and others were planted in dry dirt that was watered afterwards. They were all dusted with sulfur and planted with bonemeal. Will they freeze and will this stop them from growing in the spring?

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Help, every year I plant zucchini, and the vine borrers always get. I tried to Change locations but they find and kill every time. Any ideas on how to prevent my zucchini from being eaten from the inside out. Thank you

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This plant has invaded my yard, it grows like strawberries and smells lemony. I was hopping you could tell me what it is, and how to get rid of it.

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I have an old and neglected lilac bush. it is mostly dead trunk with lots of branches growing off of it. the flowers are high and the tree hangs out alot before it is growing. I have read a couple of ideas on how to deal with it. first and most drastic is to cut all but 18-24 cm in early spring. then I seen that you shouldn't cut more then 1/3 off of the bush at any one year. what I want is to have a normal lilac bush not a lilac tree. please help I don't want to kill it. just a nice bushy bush.

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Hello, is it OK to plant Poppies, (palaver somiferum) I do believe I misspelled the flower known as the poppy. My question is this, I live in the desert south west realizing the summer is simply to hot exceeding 115° Is the norm. However the fall is near perfect with highs in the 70s thru November then falling in temperatures between low 40s to upper 30s in Dec. I believe the zone Im in is # 7 if that makes sense. And finally the question can I grow that flower here? And is there a set of steps I can refer to? I am far from a green thumb but have been successful planting many types of vegetables. I thank you for your time (and patience) reading my little novel. Thank You.

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Can you advise me on my Yucca elephantipes, please? The leaves are yellowing; how can I bring them back to green again? Thanks Peter

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I bought some strawberry plants early this season. I used peat and plant food as instucted. They did not flower. I continue to water them hoping that they will grow next season. Are the roots still viable for next year?

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Hi, My spouse and I recently purchased a house and are in the midst of re-doing a very old, overgrown, landscaped area along the side of our house. Sadly, to do some reno's we needed to take out some of the mature cedar shrubs and a few may trees during the process. We really love this side of our house and want to get some perennials to plant as soon as possible. I have little/no experience with gardening, so any help you can provide is great! The side of the house is South facing and generally only gets decent light during the afternoon. Due to existing trees the area is quite shady and generally quite dry. I have installed soaker hoses to keep the area watered. By my rough calculations we need 2 or possibly three medium to large size shrubs to fill the area out. I am open to any and all suggestions in terms of plants. Due to the amount of trees along the side of the house, I am very interested in getting some flowering perennials planted to liven up the area. My spouse and I took a walk around the botanical garden and loved many of the plants we saw. As we're very inexperienced gardeners, I hope to plant some low maintenance perenials that will be fine with regular watering and yearly pruning. Any suggestions? If so, when are we best suited to plant the new perennials (fall/spring)? Thanks for any suggestions! Shawn Haines and Lesley Anderson

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I have several excellent geraniums in the garden this year. I would like to keep these over the winter. Is this possible? and, if so, how would I do this process. Many thanks, Joyce

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I recently purchased three bags of miracle grow perlite from Lowes. Upon opening each of them i noticed that there was a very sharp ammonia smell coming from inside, and was wondering if this was a natural occurance or if i should return them? Before noticing the smell I added a half bag to some potting mix i was making, and was wondering if the mix was still useable? Thanks, Aaron

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Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to propagate Helichrysum petiolare (Lemon Licorice) plant from stem cuttings. If yes, how can I do this successfully? I have tried a few times with no success. I did propagation of my coleus by stem cuttings with no problem. Thank you for your help. CJ

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I believe that several plants in my mother's garden is infested with 'San Jose Scales'(Quadraspidiotus perniciosus). What "pesticides" will be a good remedy.

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I have a sunflower that has 10 flowers and buds from one stalk. Is this unusual?

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I have a large wisteria vine that was planted at one end of a bridge that's connected to the back patio. The vine has grown all along the length of the bridge and is now wrapping itself around the short fence surrounding the back patio. I want to train the wisteria to form an arch over the bridge. What materials are available that I could use to make this happen? The vine is extremely healthy and large and there are a lot of strong vines that we could start the arch with, I'm just not sure how to connect something to the (wood) bridge to form an arch.

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We have set up a raised bed - 4' x 24', 16" deep and we are using the layered lasagne gardening method. What manure is best to add to this "recipe"? Cow? Horse? I understand horse manure is higher in nitrogen. Where could I find well-rotted manure safe for the next layer of this raised bed, which will break down over the winter and be adored by worms. Please advise. Thanks.

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I am new to the Prince George area and am interested in planting a few things in a small (10 ft x 2 ft) outdoor area, but am unsure what to plant. Considering the time of year, are there any plants that you would recommend that would be hardy enough to survive over winter, but that are also visually pleasing? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much in advance and have a wonderful day! Marg

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Does your society take donations of used plastic and clay pots, plastic planters etc?

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I have a black eyed susan that has no petals, born that way, I didn't pluck them;) Was wondering if the seeds would be the same, or not necessarily? I'm going to try & send you a pic of it. Apparently I can't. Have you seen this before or might it be worth some $$$?

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Hi, I have a problem that I have not been able to find a solution to and have never encountered before. I noticed that me marigolds and calendulas were not fully blooming. The buds seem to die before opening. I picked a few and each one had a small brownish worm in it - I guess eating the flower. How can I treat this and what the heck is it? I always thought marigolds were relatively bug free - except for slugs, which isn't what this is. Thank you. Janine

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Last year, my raspberry plants produced a fairly decent amount of fruit. This year, there are many more plants and the foliage is healthy but I'm getting hardly any fruit. What can I do to get these plants to produce? This is a variety that bears fruit all summer. Thanks!

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1) Two of the cedars I planted 6 years ago (and one of the junipers) turned brown in patches this spring - mostly down one side of the cedars. The others (on the other side of the house) were treated the same and are very healthy. Would you suggest I cut out the brown parts or leave them? Shall I just give it more water and evergreen fertilizer? Do they need mulching at 6 years old?

2) What is the best way to trim down gangly young spruce that are growing tall too fast? I want to keep them short and full so they don't block the view, yet I have heard if you top them they may grow two tops. Thank you.

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Poison ivy spray was used on flowers by mistake. Does that mean they won't come up next year? They all died and I cut them down. Also is the dirt where the flowers was planted contaminated? Should I not use that location to plant something else.

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Hi, I really need help with a couple of my plants, they are dying and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it. I purchased a Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans) and a Moss Fern (Selaginella pallescens) at the end of April this year. They looked healthy and didn't have any bugs. I tried to follow the care instructions as closely as I could but they just keep getting worse. 1) The branches or stalks on the Parlor Palm are all completely bent over at the base, not just drooping. A lot of the branches and leaves are shriveling so that they are skinny as needles and some have already completely fallen off. There are brown, dead looking tips and spots all over the leaves. The little leaves that wrap around the bottom of the branches are very pale and dry looking. Another odd thing I noticed is that when I bought it, it smelled like bad breath and now it smells like green tea or an old tent. It is in the plastic pot I bought it in, but that pot is in a bigger ceramic pot. The ceramic pot does not have a drip tray but sort of acts like one for the plastic pot because the plastic pot does not touch the bottom of the ceramic one. I try to water it when the soil is dry about an inch down, I did think I was over watering it at one point which is when I started watering it like this [about a month ago]. It gets medium filtered sunlight. 2) The Moss Fern is shriveling, pale and dry looking. This 'condition' is creeping up from the bottom [overhang] and making its way to the top [in the pot]. A few pieces have died and fallen off. A good sized clump from the top fell off. The top is already starting to look pale and dry. It is in the plastic pot I bought it in, but that pot is in a bigger ceramic pot. The ceramic pot does not have a drip tray but sort of acts like one for the plastic pot because the plastic pot does not touch the bottom of the ceramic one. I try to water it enough to keep to soil moist, about once or twice a day. I think I may have been under watering it when I first got it because I kept forgetting about it, so I missed a few waterings here and there. It has light filtered sunlight but I'm going to move it to a brighter place, so it will have medium filtered sunlight. They are both still bug free as far as I can tell. The air temperature stays between 68°F-77°F. The humidity level is medium. I use bottled/gallon water that is purified by reverse osmosis and/or distillation. There is also a fan on in the room every night, not directly on the plants but creates a decent airflow. I'm not sure if that would affect the plants but I want to include as much information as possible. Should I mist the leaves? If yes, how often? I was also wondering what you thought of hydrogen peroxide and Epsom salt for plants. I did a fair amount of research on both and they seem to be a good idea. Have you had any experience with these? What do you think of them based on your experience/knowledge of them? I have already been using the hydrogen peroxide for about a month now, it doesn't seem to be affecting the plants either way though. I have been using it like I would use plain water. Here is the chart I'm going by for the mixture. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong, how to fix it, and what the best care regimen would be for these conditions [the temperature and humidity]. Please include as much detail as possible. If you could cover all of these for each plant, that would be awesome. • What I'm doing wrong • How to heal plant • Water this amount this often/when this happens • This much/type of light is needed • Use this type of soil • Fertilize this often/when this happens • Use this type of fertilizer • How to tell when it needs more water • How to tell if it needs less water • How to use hydrogen peroxide • How to use Epsom salt • Repot if/when • Use this kind of pot • Any exceptions to any of these rules • Any additional tips/observations Also, should I get PH, sunlight, and soil moister meters? Can you recommend some? If I do get those, what should each of the plants stay at on each meter? Sorry for such an extensive question, I really hope you are able to answer all of it. Thanks in advance!

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I have a 40 ft space for a garden should I do the in the ground type or a raised garden bed.

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