DDBGS Work Bee - Volunteers Needed
Aug 12, 2020

Please join us for our third work bee of the season. We will continue to work on the slope of Parking Lot A - weeding, laying cardboard and mulching. If not too hot, we may also do some planting of new shrubs in the area.

We can accomplish this while still meeting social distancing requirements and other health requirements. There is a hand washing station and disinfection supplies in the compound. We ask volunteers to bring your own gloves and tools such as shovels and weeding tools. If society tools are needed, they will be disinfected. Please bring your own water, coffee and snacks.

I thank those who faithfully come out and help at the work bees and we hope to see some new faces on August 15th.  Many hands make the work go faster and we even have fun.

Thank you,

Patricia Covington, Chair of EDG     covingto@telus.net