Donors for Phase 2 Expansion

The David Douglas Botanical Garden Society (DDBGS) is funded through the generous support of members, donors, and fundraising activities. Donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.
Levels of Recognition for Minimum Donation Level
$100 Name in public donation book on display on site and in annual advertising list in 'Citizen' and DDBGS website.
$250 As above PLUS: recognition in DDBGS quarterly publication, 'Northern Optimist”.
$500 All of the above PLUS: Family Membership *Corporate Donors will also receive company logo recognition on DDBGS website.
$1,000 – $99,999 All of the above PLUS: Donors name on Donor Recognition Signage within garden *Corporate donors: will also receive Corporate Membership and have a link to their company's website posted on DDBGS website AND recognition at the Society's Phase 2 Expansion public events.
$100,000+ All of the above PLUS: Dedication of capital structures or specially selected project and will follow UNBC Naming Policy. Structures will be chosen from the Priorities Plan by the donor in consultation with the Society Board.

We would like to thank the DONORS in the following Sponsorship Categories:
Douglas Fir   $100,000+
Engelman Spruce   $50,000 - $99,999
Western Hemlock   $25,000 - $49,999
Lodgepole Pine   $10,000 - $24,999
PG Community Foundation              Matthew and Ana Peasgood

Larch   $5,000 - $9,999
Laurelin Svisdahl

Western Red Cedar   $1,000 - $4,999
Colleen Kelly                                     Lynn Barker 

Willa Osis                                           Noreen Rustad
Janice Lazzarin                                  Dave Rempel
White Spruce   $500 - $999
Ed & Carol Chanter                          Grace & Ed Morrice
Black Spruce   $250 - $499
Jay Lazzarin                                       
Barb & Norm Monroe
Noemie Touchette                            Anne Hogan & Bob Steventon
Juniper   $100 - $249                                  
Paul Sanborn                                     Murry Krause
Elizabeth Ritch                                  Clarence Wigmore
JoAnne Allison                                   Ray Naess
Val Radley                                         
Kyle Sampson
Birthe Miller                                       Patrick Olivier
Lynne Dollis                                       Carolyn Rowland
Anne Allgaier                                     Maureen Cox
Patricia Covington                            Linda Naess
Hughes Massicotte and Linda Tackaberry
Carolyn McGhee                                Maureen Faulkner
Judy Dix                                               Faith Buttuci
Anne Pousette                                   Carol Salton
Voss/Kathy Gessman                        Shelley Rennick
David Pow                                           Betty-June Gair
Maureen Cox                                      Jan Beliveau
Karen Pitcher                                     Emily Davidson
Marilyn Outhet

We would like to thank the following:
Province of British Columbia, Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport for a $700,000 grant through the 2021 Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP).
Northern Development Initiatives Trust $300,000
New Horizons Seniors Program $25,000
Prince George Community Foundation $10,000 and $7500.

If you would like more information, please contact:
Patrick Olivier
Telephone: 250-612-8392

Updated November 15, 2022

Donate to DDBGS Future Expansion.

A tax deductible receipt for any donation over $20.00 will be mailed to you.